Q. What Is GuideMeEducation.in?

A. www.guidemeeducation.in – India’s Most Trusted Educational E-Portal. Guide Me Education Services LLP is India’s smartest college gateway that blends higher education-related domain knowledge, with technology, innovation, and credibility to give students personalized insights to make informed career, course, and college decisions. Guide Me Education Services LLP has been serving the community since 2011, earlier it was named as Aadhunic Services. It is an initiative to bring transparency in our admission system, where students can shortlist and select their dream MBA colleges in one go. It’s an online platform, where an MBA aspirant gets the facility to apply to multiple colleges through a single Common Application Form (CAF) at a reduced cost. This will make the interview seamless and the admission process easier and hassle-free.

Q. How do I stay updated with the latest news?

A. News and articles will keep you up-to-date and well informed about all your education related information needs. You can check news for entrance exam dates, application deadlines, changes in exam pattern, etc., while articles offer you an interesting range of topics to read from topper interviews and exam prep tips to college life and new and upcoming courses and careers... and much more.

Q. How do I search for colleges or courses?

A. To search for a particular college or course, just enter its name in the search box on top of Guide Me Home Page. As you start typing, you'll see a dropdown, you can select the name of your desired college from this menu as well. The other way is to search for colleges by categories - Location, Specialization, Exams Accepted, Course Status, Ownership, Total Fees, Approvals / Recognition, Facilities and Compare Colleges. There is an option to select Study Abroad as well on Top global navigation bar.

Q. How can Guide Me Education Services help me in making the right college decision?

A. If you are planning to do MBA, we are here to guide you through every step of the journey. So, get set to make an informed career and college decision. Shortlist your target colleges with the help of our thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use Guide Me tools to help you select the best college for your MBA and know a lot more in the process.

Q. How to register?

A. Click on 'Student SignUP' button on the top right corner of the page and you will see a registration form. This will take you hardly 1-2 minutes to fill up. Just submit your information, verify your email id and enjoy the various benefits of being a Guide Me member.

Q. e-Mail ID - Is it compulsory?

A. Yes, e-Mail ID is needed to verify and complete your registration and also ensure account safety.

Q. How do I edit my profile on Guide Me Education Services Portal?

A. Editing your Guide Me account profile information is very simple. Please read the below Faqs.

Q. Can I update the email id?

A. Email ID cannot be changed as it is mapped to your account at the time of registration. The other option is to simply create a new Guide Me account with your new email id that you wish to use.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. To change your password, Go to your account homepage and click 'Settings'. Now you can change or replace your new password and save.

Q. I have forgotten my password, What should I do?

A. Absolutely no problem, you can simply reset your password by clicking on the “forgot password” link on the login/registration page. You will be asked for your registered Email Id. If your Email id is valid, then we will send you the link to reset your password on the same E-mail id. Give a New Password of your choice and have a successful login.

Q. How do I update my mobile number?

A. Go to your ‘Profile’ page, click ‘Edit’ (top right corner) on the ‘Personal Information’ section and then change your new mobile number. Please remember to click ‘Save’ button.

Q. How do I update profile details?

A. You can update your profile information divided into four sections – Personal Information, Educational Background, Work Experience (if applicable) and Communication Settings.

Q. How do I update my profile photo?

A. Update Photo option is seen if you point the mouse over your profile photo box. You can select this and upload your image.

Q. Is all information compulsory to create my profile?

A. No. Apart from your full name, mobile no. and email id, the rest of the fields are optional. However, the page asks for only necessary information and adding these details will help create a complete profile page for you and help us cater to your information needs better.

Q. What privacy settings do I have for my Profile?

A. You have adequate control on your Guide Me Education Services privacy. The fields that have a privacy icon (eye) next to them can be set on or off by you to show or hide those details from public view.

Q. Is the Guide Me Education Services Common Application Form authorized by B-Schools?

A. Yes, the Common Application Form of Guide Me Education Services LLP is authorized and accepted by respective B-Schools across India. Guide Me Education Services LLP will counsel the MBA Aspirants, process their application forms for the GD&PI processes.

Q. What benefits do I get regarding the cost of application forms of the chosen colleges?

A. Time is really precious. Guide Me Education Services LLP will take care of your Application and interview processes (Skype/Telephonic) on time. Team Guide Me Education Services will help you to shortlist the right fit MBA College and give you the hand holding assistance for your successful MBA colleges’ admission. You can avail the waiver on application form costs. This was you can save time and money.

Q. What happens after I submit the Application Form at Guide Me Education?

A. After CAF submission, we will process your application to the respective MBA Colleges and schedule your Interview processes (GD&PI / SKYPE / TELEPHONIC). Some colleges may ask you to visit the campus for further formalities.

Q. What are the advantages of applying through Guide Me Education Services LLP?

A. As A responsible professional organization, we focus the student’s keen interest areas, we try to analyze student profile thoroughly and then we proceed with the personalized MBA Colleges counseling. This way student can land up to the right fit college for the higher study and can have a healthy ROI at the end of the day. Check Out Exclusive Services of Guide Me Education Services: www.guidemeeducation.in

Q. Can I edit the details filled in CAF & download it?

A. Yes, you can edit your details as you will be allotted your individual Dashboard and there is a facility of downloading and printing your Application Form as well.

Q. What are the requirements for filling the application form?

A. You need to have information on basic details, your qualifications & marks and your exam details. Also, make sure you have a soft copy of your passport size photograph to upload as well. (You can upload the photo after submitting the application as well). You can upload your certificates as well as required documents or simply WhatsApp your scanned documents to 8420189797.

Q. Do I need to fill the application form every time I apply to a college?

A. No, once you have filled our Common Application Form (CAF) there is no need to fill the individual forms of respective B-Schools. When you submit your first application, we save your details. If you want to apply to more colleges, your details will be preloaded in the application form. You can modify details if needed and complete your second application in two minutes, our admission team will take care of all your application processes.

Q. What this event is all about?

A. Guide Me Education Services is association with the premium colleges of India arranging the GDPI for multiple management colleges from various part of India where colleges with different fee structure comes under one venue and complete the entire process of GDPI and other test on a single day. This helps the students to come at one place and participate in interview for 3 colleges on a single day else normally each management colleges conduct separate GDPI on a separate venue on a separate day.

Q. Why should one attain this event?

A. This is never before opportunity for the students to sit for the final interview of the top colleges of India. This will reduce the time and effort of students visiting various cities to participate in the GDPI. We also ensure if you get rejected we let you know the reason normally this is not possible to know in the top colleges.

Q. What is the difference between other Fair and Mega Admission Interview for Management?

A. Unlike other fair where only information related to management colleges and its admission criteria gets shared here in this Mega Admission Interview for management the final round of GDPI gets conducted and offer letter gets issued to the successful candidates.

Q. How to get Invitation passes for this event?

A. To get the invitation for this event one need to register with us through call or WhatsApp at +91 8420189793 / 4 or log in to website www.guidemeeducation.in and visit upcoming event section.

Q. How to get information about the participating colleges in this event?

A. Visit our website www.guidemeeducation.in to see the list of colleges. As all the colleges are best B school from Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata, students are well informed about this brand, even though one can get the details information through us.

Q. How many colleges I can select for final Interview?

A. Student can select maximum of 3 colleges to sit for the final interview. As student will not be able to give his/her best after that as process of interview will be lengthy here.

Q. How to get the form of the colleges?

A. Visit UPCOMING EVENT section our website www.guidemeeducation.in and get resisters after registration make the payment and form will automatically downloaded in your system else please contact @ 8420189793 /4 and the form will be deliver at your email address.

Q. How to make payment for the forms?

A. You can make payment through our website by following step by step process of registration or you can also pay to our PAYTM number 8420189793, Cash on Delivery (COD) option is also available with forms. You can pay using any one of the payment options mentioned below: a. Google Pay b. Phone Pe c. PayTM d. UPI Transfer e. Online Net Banking

Q. Money has been deducted from my card/bank account, but my application has not been submitted. Why?

A. This may happen due to a technical failure at the Bank or Payment Gateway's end. Do not worry as payment on GuideMeEducation.in is safe and secure. Your money will be automatically refunded within 7 to 10 working days in such situations. If you face any issues with the refund, then just drop an email to info@guidemeeducation.in mentioning your details (e-mail Id, mobile number) or give a call to the contact numbers mentioned on our site.

Q. My payment failed. What should I do now?

A. In case your payment didn't process, you may have to pay the application fee again to submit the form. Rest assured, you don’t have to fill the form again. Your form details are saved and will be pre-filled once you login.

Q. Can I cancel my applications after making the payment? Will I get a refund of money?

A. No. Once your application has been sent to the applied colleges, you will not be able to cancel the application form. Also, the money paid will not be refunded.

Q. Can I contact Guide Me Education Services LLP?

A. If you have any feedback or suggestions to share for the website, you can write to us at: info@guidemeeducation.in or call on our Student helpline number: +91-84201 89793 (between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday).